As the testing centre of AQSIQ’s Hong Kong sole representative, we are dedicated to the manufacturer, buyer, importer, and trader in importing food, beverage and cosmetics products into China by providing one-stop  services from regulatory consultation to testing services.

Our chemists and experts with professional experience in the field of testing and China regulations are committed to providing integrity, reliable and prompt services for accelerating your cosmetics, food or cosmetics to enter into China markets. 

Moreover, our state-of-the-art facilities and professional chemists can support the foodwares and food container/contact materials testing activities that are international recognized and complied with the standard and regulation requirements throughout the world.

Our Testing Scope:  

 Total germs, fecal coliform, pseudomonas  aeruginosa,  staphylococcus aureus.
Banned substances*
 Heavy Metals(e.g. Nd、Cr、Ba、As、Pb、Be、Th、  Se、 Sb、 Cd、Hg、Te)
 Inorganic nitrites,
 Benzene, Chlorine, Bromide, Iodine, Phosphorus
Restricted substances*
 Antioxidant (BHA, BHT, etc.)
 Silver nitrate
 Benzyl Alcoh
 Potassium or Sodium hydroxide
 boric acid
Restricted Preservatives*
 Sorbic acid, Benzoi acid, Salicylic aicd, Inorganic sulphites,   Propionic acid, phenoxyethanol, Parabens
 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content
 pH Value
 Alcohol content
*Source: China National Hygienic Cosmetics Standard (GB7916)


 Banned and Restricted  substances
 Malachite Green
 Sudan red
 Pesticide Residue
 Hygienic Properties
 Heavy Metals
 Physical and chemical  Properties
 Acid Value, Peroxide Value, Moisture, Ash
 Alcohol content

 Methanol content

 Bleach agent
 Energy value
 Carbon hydrate
 Dietary fiber, Crude fiber
 Total fat, Saturated fat
 Trace Elements
 Polyunsaturated fatty acid (Omega-3)

 Starch content


Foodwares and Food container / contact Materials*
 Dishwasher safe test
 Food grade plastics test
 Metallic components and parts analysis
 Microware safe test
 Oven safe test
 Thermal shock test
 Total cadmium content test


Our Safety Compliance on Food Contact Articles for International Testing Standards and Regulations

 Canadian hazardous products (glazed ceramics & glassware) regulations
 84/500/EEC, 2002/72/EC
 DGCCRF 2010. French Decree 2007-766
 LFGB sec. 30 & 31 food commodities act on food contact material,
 DIN 51031-2
New Zealand
 Food (safety) regulations for enamel and ceramic wares
 BS 6748, UK the ceramic ware (safety) regulations SI 1647
 FDA compliance policy guides 7117.05, 7117.06 and 7117.07,
 California proposition 65.