chemicals_and_environmental_testing_01As new challenges facing in the 21st century on the conservation of the global environment away from reducing the waste management problems and the protection of human health away from certain hazardous substances, directives and regulations in global markets with respect to these two issues have being increased.

Our chemicals testing services are dedicated to assisting you from the stage of designing, problem shooting to producing eco-friendly and safety products. We also provide technical support services to assist you in adapting new technology to the changing eco-needs of the modern world.

With our chemical experts and the state-of-the art facilities, we ensure that your products are minimized the environmental impact and complied with both global standards as well as the laws of each major country.

Our Testing Products

 Battery products
 Candle products
 Ceramic wares
 Coatings & architectural coatings
 Electrical & electronics products
 Flatwares (knifes, forks, spoons, plates,  etc.)
 Foodwares & food contact articles
 Food & beverage

 Garments & textiles
 Industrial solvents
 Metal ores & rocks
 Packaging materials
 Paper & printing materials
 Polymer & resin
 Printing ink
 Sunglasses & optical products
 Toys & children products
 Watches & imitate jewelry
 Wooden products

Our Testing Scope

Aging test
Aldehyde content analysis
Ammonium nitrogen
Anion test
Azo dye content analysis
Benzene content analysis
Candle burning test
Chemicals / fibre composition
Chemicals test (benzene, sulfide, toluene, xylene, etc.)
Chloride content analysis
Diethylene glycol
Distillation range
Dishwasher safe test
Ethanol & methanol
Food additive (sulfite, nitrite, etc.)
Food content (protein, vitamins, fat & oil, etc.)
Food grade plastics
Formaldehyde content
Heavy metal / iron content
Luminous transmittance (UVA, UVB, etc.)
Material characterization
Metal/ alloys composition analysis
Microbiological test
Microware-safe test

Moisture content
Nickel release
Oven-safe test
Palm oil wax content
pH value (acidity and alkalinity)
Phenol contents analysis
Physical properties determination
Pre-conditioning test
Preservatives (benzoic acid, salicylic acid, sorbic acid, etc.)
REACH screening test
RoHS test (cadmium, mercury, lead, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE)
Rubbing & crocking test
Separation analysis
Specific gravity
Spectroscopy analysis
Steel and alloy analysis
Sulphuric acid colour
Suspended matter
TDI content
Thermal shock test
Toluene & xylene content
Total cadmium & nitrogen content
UV transmittance & absorption
Wax content
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content

Our Safety Compliance for International Testing Standards and Regulations

Major Product Category
Testing Standards
Battery products
China: GB/T7112
EU: 91/157/EEC, 98/101/EEC
Ceramics wares, food contact articles
Canada: Canadian Hazardous Products (Glazed Ceramics & Glassware) Regulations
EU: 84/500/EEC, 2002/72/EC
Germany: LFGB sec. 30 & 31 Food Commodities Act on Food Contact Material, DIN51031-2
New Zealand: Food (Safety) Regulations for Enamel & Ceramic Wares
UK: BS 6748 and UK The Ceramic Ware (Safety) Regulations SI 1647
USA: FDA 7117.05, 7117.06, 7117.07, California Proposition 65
Coatings and architectural coatings
China: GB 18581, GB 18582, GB 50335
Consumer goods
Europe: RoHS Directive: 2002/95/EC, (EC) no. 1907/2006 on REACH: Cadmium & AzoDye
Watches and imitate jewelry
Europe: EN1810, EN1811, EN12472, Nickel Release: (EC) 1907/2006 on REACH
Europe: 94/62/EEC
Paints & printing Ink, aerosol coatings, varnishes & lacquer,
HK: Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap 311)
Petrochemcials and related products
ASTM, IP, Dow Chemical, Shell

Our State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

Atomic absorption / emission spectrometry (AAS)
Boiling fraction distillator
Gas chromatograph (GC-FID)
Gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer (GC/MS)
High performance liquid chromatography system (HPLC-DAD/HPLC-MS/MS)
Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)
Ion chromatograph (IC)
Karl Fischer titrator
Ultraviolet visible spectrophotomer (UV/VIS)
X-ray florescence spectrometer (XRF)