According to The Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) (Amendment) Regulation enacted by the Hong Kong government in 2008, from 1st July 2010, all prepackaged Food sold in Hong Kong must be labeled in the manner prescribed in relevant requirements.

New Regulation is mandatory for all prepackaged food sold in Hong Kong to bear a label with Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) with indicating values of energy and 7 core nutrients, namely, protein, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium. If there is any nutrition claim, the nutrition content declared must be listed in the panel. The label information, formation, wordings and nutrient claims should follow the regulation. In order to assist the food related enterprise to adapt to the changes brought forward by the Amendment Regulation, China Inspection Company Limited (CIC) like to provide our professional labeling consultation service, assisting the clients to make a label in compliance to the regulations.

The inimitable Labeling Consultation Center

China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd (C.I.C Testing Centre) is now providing Hong Kong and China food labeling consultation. On the strength of our professional knowledge and abundant experience on food labeling verification, we can provide a comprehensive, professional and excellent labeling consultation service for all related companies around the world.

Information required for applying

1.          Samples with integrated packaging

2.          ‘Confirmation Form for Consultation Service of Food Labeling'    PDF / DOC

3.          Packaging labels / artworks

4.          Company Registration Certificate of applicant

5.          Company Registration Certificate of general distributor in Hong Kong

6.          Certificate for production or sale issued by the country/region of origin

7.          Product Formula

8.          Other supplementary documents e.g. Trade Mark Registration Certificate…

*Remarks: Above documents are required to become either Chinese or English versions.

The Process of Hong Kong Food Labeling Consultation Service



Scope of service offering

  • Food Labeling related laws and standards enquiries
  • Samples pick-up service (for local clients only)
  • Evaluating food labels in accordance with relevant regulations
  • Comprehensive label revise suggestion
  • Assistance in designing food labels
  • Issurance of "Food Labeling Certificate of Conformity"