cosmetic_labeling_01According to The General Administration of People’s Republic of China for Quality Supervision & Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), from 1st April 2006, all importing Cosmetic labels must be examined and the products must and undergo regular test*, inspected by all Regional China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) departments. Thus all cosmetic products must have a Chinese label in compliance with all relevant china standards.

(* Labeling examination means the review on all the formats, layouts, text explanations, graphics and symbols printed on the label (including stickers, printout and all explanation material attached to the product). Regular test means the inspection process on the number, weight, specification, label, quality and hygiene of the import products.)


The inimitable Labeling Consultation Service - assist you by reducing the risks of food import 

The relevant regulations on the content and format of cosmetic labels in China are harsh, demanding and complicated. To the purpose of reducing the risks of food import, we endeavor to provide our professional labeling consultation services to all Hong Kong and oversea enterprises to fulfill all the China food labeling standards.

China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd (C.I.C Testing Centre) is the first companies providing China import cosmetic labeling consultation in Hong Kong. We have experts, who are familiar with food knowledge and regulation, with long years experience on labeling consultation; enable us to be able to deliver quality and professional consultation service to the trade.


Information required for applying Import Cosmetic Labeling Certificate of Conformity:

1.       Product Samples with integrated packaging

2.       ‘Confirmation Form for Consultation Service of Cosmetic Labeling'   PDF / DOC

3.       Product packaging, Chinese translation of products’ packaging or instruction for use

4.       Certificate of manufacture and free sale issued by the Governmental authorities in the country of origin

5.       Product specification

6.       Product formula

7.       Business Registration Certificate of the China sale representative

8.       Supporting documents about the active ingredients and efficacy reports(suitable for quasi-drug cosmetics)

9.       Hygiene Permit of Imported Quasi-Drug Cosmetics(suitable for quasi-drug cosmetics)

10.   Other supplementary documents e.g. Trade Mark Registration Certificate…

*Remarks: Above documents are required to become either Chinese or English versions and company chop must be appeared on each document.

*QUASI-DRUG COSMETICS INCLUDE: Hair-raising, Body-shaping, Breast-enhancing, Hair-dyeing or Permanent wave, Sun-protecting, Freckle-dispelling, Deodorizing, Depilating.


Application Flow Chart of Cosmetic Labeling Consultation Service:


Scope of service offering

  • Cosmetic Labeling related laws and standards enquiries
  • Samples pick-up service (for local clients only)
  • Laboratory testing (base on the label claims)
  • Evaluating the cosmetic labels in accordance with relevant standards and regulations
  • Comprehensive label revise suggestion
  • Assistance in designing cosmetic labels
  • Issuance of "Import Cosmetic Labeling Certificate of Conformity"