coating_01Registration Certificate of Import Coatings

In order to shorten the testing period of import coating inspection, an administrative provision issued by AQSIQ of China has come into effect from 20 May 2002, which regulated that all import coatings or paints were subjected to tests and granted a Registration Certificate before importing. Those coating products without the Registration certificates have to subject to inspecting and testing one batch by another while importing.



China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd (C.I.C Testing Centre) is now ready to offer you the one-stop service of applying the Registration Certificate of Import Coatings. CIC's testing center is accredited by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HOKLAS) and China National Accreditation Service (CNAS). Based on the qualification, CDIC was also authorized by AQSIQ to carry out tests on import coatings.


Information required for applying the certificate:

1.           Filled ‘Confirmation Form for Registration Certificate of Import Coating’  PDF /   DOC

2.           Test Sample (2 original sample for each product)

3.           Copy of client’s Business Registration Certificate

4.           Copy of Business Registration Certificate of the repackaging firms in mainland  (if available);

5.           Statement of imported coatings producers that the content of hazardous substances in their products conform to the requirements of the state technical standards of the People’s Republic of China

6.           Commitment letter of imported coatings producers on the use of the coating products

7.           Statement of imported coatings producers on the package specification

8.           Product labels and marks, repackaged product labels (if available)

9.           Relevant information regarding the formula of products, brand names, model numbers, country of origin;

10.        Product specification and instruction of use (e.g. MSDS)

11.        Gloss data (for solvent-based polyurethane coatings)

12.        ‘Applicant’s Guarantee Letter’

13.        Other information that would be useful, e.g. certificate of origin.

* Remark: If the product can be used indoor, the brand names, product names, model numbers, usage, place of production, name and address                   of the producer must be clearly shown on the package.

Application Flow Chart of Registration Certificate of Import Coatings:


Scope of service offering

  • Sample pick-up service (for local client only)
  • Assisting Client in filling official Application Form
  • Laboratory testing & report issuance
  • Document translation Service (English into Chinese Only)
  • Assisting Client in preparing whole set of application documents
  • Submitting application documents to China authorities for registration directly
  • Delivering approved Certificate to clients (Local Clients Only)