Mechanical and Electrical Products Inspection Services

The Mechanical and Electrical Products Inspection Department mainly provides mechanical and electrical products inspection and appraisal, inspection of goods returned to China for repair, product certification, etc. for customers in Hong Kong and the neighborhood.

The Department has varying professionals meeting internationally recognized occupational requirements. Its service tenet is: independent and fair, standardized and accurate, and providing satisfactory services for customers. The major service items include:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Products Inspection: Pre-shipment inspection of old mechanical and electrical products; pre-shipment inspection of complete equipment; equipment newness rate appraisal;
  • Inspection of Goods Returned for Repair: Inspection of goods returned to China and imported for repair;
  • Product Certification: CCC product certification and CQC product certification agency; CCC plant inspection; JET plant check, etc.;
  • Other Entrusted Inspections: Equipment value appraisal; goods loading and unloading supervision; old equipment condition appraisal.

Flowchart for Inspection of Old Mechanical and Electrical Products and Goods Returned