Vehicle Inspection Services

Our Vehicle Inspection Center covers an area of 86,000m2 in Yuen Long, the Center has a large safety performance test field and a perfect waste gas test ROOM and is the testing organization designated by the environmental protection authority of the Hong Kong government.

The large and spacious safety performance test field with three advanced automatic vehicle test lines can quickly and accurately conduct comprehensive test of vehicles' safety performance. The perfect waste gas test room has a vehicle waste gas test system with two sets of big and small chassis dynamometer built completely according to the current vehicle waste gas test standard of Hong Kong and can provide treadmill waste gas test service for vehicles with the gross weight of over or below 5.5 tons. With the vehicle environmental protection and safety type certification test instruments and equipment, such as refrigerant tester, contactless multi-functional fifth wheel instrument, eye point model, etc., the Center can provide vehicle environment-friendly refrigerant and part of safety type certification test services for customers.

Scope of Services

Our Center is responsible for safety technical inspection in Hong Kong of all vehicles running between Guangdong and Hong Kong, including initial safety technical inspection of vehicles with license plate number issued by the Mainland government, replacement vehicle inspection, and annual inspection of vehicles with license plate number issued by the Mainland government. For convenience of vehicle owners and drivers, the Center provides services of buying compulsory insurance for traffic accident of motor-driven vehicle and commercial insurance for motor vehicles running between Guangdong and Hong Kong from the insurance companies in the Mainland

Firstly, according to the application, conduct safety performance inspection, quality inspection, configuration inspection, etc. of vehicles imported to the Mainland via Hong Kong and provide one-stop service.

Secondly, according to the Procedure for Special Treatment of Imported Products in the Catalogue of Products Subject to the Compulsory Product Certification System (CNCA Announcement No. 20 in 2005), provide test service for small batch vehicle products imported via Shenzhen and Huangpu ports.

Thirdly, we provide vehicle exhaust gas emission test service as required by environment protection authority of Hong Kong

Procedure for Inspection of Vehicles Running between Guangdong and Hong Kong


Imported Vehicle Inspection Process of Vehicle Inspection Center